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Why Your Online Clothing Store Needs A Body Measurement App


Duncan McKay 


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AI-powered body measurement apps offer a cutting-edge solution. From reducing returns to enhancing customer satisfaction and retention, body measurement apps can help take your online store to the next level. 

The world of online fashion is continuing to grow at an incredible rate. Recent estimates suggest the industry will reach $1 trillion globally by next year, while in the UK, there are over 43 million people regularly shopping online. 

This success is seeing an increasing number of fashion businesses switching to digital platforms, meaning competition has never been higher. For a brand to succeed and stand apart from other companies, it needs to ensure that it is giving its customers the very best experience possible and body measurement apps are becoming a vital part of any online clothing store. 

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, this software is transforming body measurement and ensures your customers are able to find the perfect fit. Not only does this help to increase sales, but it also reduces the number of returns due to incorrect sizing. What exactly is a body measuring app, though, and how can you find the right one for your business? 

What is a body measurement app?

Body measurement has always been a challenge when it comes to fashion. The human body is not static, and the way we breathe, move and stand can have a major impact on how our clothes fit. For example, breathing can add up to five centimetres to your chest or bust, meaning you need to account for this. Of course, no two humans are the same, and we come in all different shapes and sizes. That means it can be very hard for clothing brands to standardise their clothing sizes. 


How individuals measure themselves can also cause issues for clothing brands. Placing a tape measure in a slightly incorrect position can result in measurements that are not accurate, while poor posture can also lead to erroneous results. Certain parts of the body, such as the shoulders and hips, offer a very limited motion range, which makes accurate measurements far harder and can result in ill-fitting clothing.  

A body measurement app is designed to overcome these challenges by providing a highly consistently accurate method for customers to measure their body, get the correct size and understand how an item of clothing will fit them. 

What are the benefits of a body measurement app for retailers?

Technology is continuously transforming the world around us, and adopting a body measuring app can help to take fashion brands to the next level. Incorporating the right app into your online retail business offers a wide range of benefits, including: 

1. Creates a personalised experience 
One of the most significant benefits of a body measurement app is that it allows brands to give their customers a truly personalised experience. Research has shown that 76% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that is offering a personal touch, so being able to provide your customers with virtual body measurement will support them in finding the perfect match. 

2. Reduces returns & grows your customer base 
When you are able to accurately measure your customer’s bodies, they will be far more likely to receive clothing that fits them perfectly. This will help ensure you do not need to face the costly and time-consuming task of processing returns as frequently. Experts have calculated that each return costs in excess of £12!

Reducing your return rates not only helps to increase your profits but it also supports your sustainability. Reducing the number of deliveries your company makes, lowers your overall carbon footprint.  With accurate remote measurement now possible, tailors and made-to-measure clothing brands can now access customers and markets outside their local area. Previously, there was a barrier with physical proximity to store a requirement in order to take measurements.  

3.    Gain valuable insight to make better data-driven decisions 
Incorporating a body measuring app into your brand is also a great way to gather insight into your customers. You will be able to better understand their sizing needs through their body shape and measurements, allowing you to create more tailored product lines in the future. 

You can also learn about their behaviour and how they interact with your brand, and how frequently they measure themselves. You can then use this information to adapt your business and your store, focusing on your overall UX and further enhancing the connection that your customers have with your business. 

4.    Offer a tailored solution that is unparalleled in the market
The world of online retail has never been more challenging and competitive, and businesses need to do everything they can to stand out. Being able to give your customers a highly accurate body measurement service, it will showcase you as an innovative brand that offers state-of-the-art customised shopping experiences.

5.  Boost brand loyalty 
When customers see that you care and are able to enjoy a seamless experience when shopping with your brand, they are far more likely to return and purchase from you again. This is a vital aspect of a successful business, with a 5% increase in retention rates capable of boosting profits by up to 95%

6. Versatile
Finally, a body measuring app is a very versatile piece of technology that can be easily integrated into other tech, such as virtual try-ons and 3D models. This helps to create a highly immersible shopping experience for your customers and bridges the gap between traditional brick and mortar stores and online eCommerce stores, creating a far more seamless experience for customers. 

How to choose the right body measurement app 

While there can be no denying that adding a body measuring app into your brand can provide a wide range of benefits, it can be tough to know the right option for you. Here at Aistetic, we understand how confusing it can seem, which is why it is our mission to help provide our customers with the very best technology possible. 

With world-leading research organisations such as the University of Oxford and Innovate UK, we have developed the next generation of 3D body modelling achieving 98% measurement accuracy. It has  been designed to take your retail business to the next level. Our app can provide your customers with incredibly accurate measurements before providing them with size recommendations to ensure they can enjoy better-fitting clothing. This will not only boost customer satisfaction but will help you to improve conversion, boost loyalty and maximise your sales. Our system can also remember customer details, with no sign up or login required.  This frictionless profile creation makes it easier for customers to return to your store. 

Our body measurement app has been designed to be as quick and as simple as possible to set up, thanks to our sizing analytics dashboard, allowing you to go live in less than 60 seconds! Our system is also completely GDPR-compliant, giving you complete peace of mind that your brand is meeting all requirements on customer data.  For Shopify store owners, you can download it on the Shopify App Store for a free 28 day trial

We want to help you elevate your brand, which is why you can customise the Aistetic body measurement app to meet your requirements. You can easily change the colour and text, ensuring that it is bespoke to your business and closely matches your brand guidelines. We have also worked to ensure that the system is as interactive and engaging as possible for your shoppers, acting as an extension of their online shopping experience to create the very best impression. 

Want to learn more about Aistetic's body measuring app?


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