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How it works

1. Get your Quick Sizes


Click on Find My Size Button 

This calls Aistetic's solution from your product detail pages, powering web screens to make size and fit recommendations for your customers.

Provide Height, Weight & Age

With gender selected for clothing, height, weight and age, Aistetic will provide your customers quick predicted sizing.  


View your Quick Sizes

Personalised recommended Quick Sizes for your clothing ranges appear on screen for your customers.  Your customers can go back and shop with confidence at this point or continue to complete and create their full size profile and get their measurements.

2. Complete your Size Profile


Start Scan 

With Quick Sizes received, your customers can now do a scan to receive their complete size profile and measurements. We deliver 98% measurement accuracy. 


View Instructions 

Clear, simple instructions are shown to prepare for the scan and size profile. Wearing skin tight clothing provides more accurate measurements.

QR Code to access Mobile    

If you started your shopping on a computer, our solution detects this and shows your shoppers a QR code which opens the camera on their mobile phone. 

Complete Scan 

Customers place the phone down on the floor, step back, and turn 360 degrees slowly for 10 seconds.

X - 9.png
Apr-14-2023 15-53-39.gif
X - 33.png
Apr-14-2023 15-55-54.gif

Complete Size Profile 

Done! In less than 2 mins, your customers  have their complete personalised size profile with their measurements, and their sizing is accessible for repeat shops. Your customers can shop with confidence knowing what sizes will work best for them from your store. 

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