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Benefits & Features

Grow your made-to-measure business with scalable remote digital measurement and fittings. Measure once, cut once. Anywhere your customers are, you are too now. Easy to integrate web app available via a simple Javascript integration into any e-commerce platform. 


Acquire more customers
Scalable remote measurement and fittings so you can ship anywhere in the world without your customer having to set foot in your showroom. 


98% Measurement Accuracy
Measure and fit remotely with confidence.  

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Strip out costly alternations 
With accurate measurements
and body models.

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Speed up your garment workflow
aves internal time cutting , enabling you to focus on making sure the garments flatter  and giving you time to work on the finer details that delight your clients. 


Simple Javascript Integration
Available as a simple Javascript integration. Copy and paste the code into your website. It's a plug and play solution.

Sell anywhere without your customers having to come to you or you go to them 

Built with world leading research partners and the University of Oxford, it works for anyone, at home or anywhere with a mobile device. Accurate across diverse shapes, sizes, gender and ethnicities. Open up your business to new customers anywhere in the world. 

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98% Accuracy. Measure with confidence

Accurate individual measurements with over 25 taken across gender identities to enable you to create your garments in both 2D and 3D, with the possibility of virtual fitting and design garments.  

Customer Analytics

Track, analyse and ensure that your customised garments reflect the measurements, and shape of your customers.  

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Strip out alteration costs and fittings

Speed up your made-to-measure process, save alterations and additional fittings for happier customers and faster payment. 

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Frictionless Profile Creation

Only 1 scan required for repeat shops. Profile creation with no sign up or login required.

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Really impressive. It's simple to use… I like the user navigation - 10/10, would use again!


GDPR & Data Compliant

Clear consent obtained, data secured and controlled so you do not need to worry. 

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Fast, Simple Integration

Available as a simple Javascript integration. Copy and paste the code into your website. It's a plug and play solution that works with Shopify, Big Commerce, Salesforce,  Wordpress and WooCommerce. 

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