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3 Snap AR Alternatives for Virtual Fitting 


Valeriia Kravtsova (lead author)



Duncan McKay (editor)



There are many alternatives to Snap AR and their lenses, that offer similar benefits and tackle the same e-commerce problems of high returns, low conversion, and retention felt by merchants, albeit using different technologies and offering different customer experiences.  

Snap is good at entertaining users with its lenses, offering ways for garments to be tried on. Some aspects of their solution however are missing - a couple of key ones being that their solution does not deliver highly accurate measurement or fitting. 

In this article, we explore 3 alternatives to Snap AR that are readily available on the market today: Fitanaltytics, 3D Look and Aistetic.  We look at four angles for each alternative:

key features
customer experience
benefits & results

1. Fit Analytics is a predictive analytics solution that uses machine learning algorithms to collect consumers’ body measurement data and  provide shoppers with personalised size and fit recommendations for the chosen clothing.

Key features

Method of measurement and sizing:  predictive analytics. There is no measurement or personalised shape analysis based on each individual. Data is crunched to predict sizing on the basis of similar people to you.  
Privacy: the technology is fully compliant with GDPR protection regulations.
Integration:  the solution can be integrated into e-commerce platforms through an API. It also supports multiple languages and can be used in many countries worldwide.

Customer Experience: When a user chooses a product, they are prompted to  input their height, weight, body shape and sizing. Based on this information, the AI algorithms use predictive analysis to then generate size recommendations according to the retailer’s size chart. Fit Analytics analyses data from customers’ previous purchases to provide these recommendations. 


Key Benefits & Results

Fit Analytics' algorithms improve over time as they collect more data on user preferences and purchases. Improved sizing recommendations, help in reducing returns to 2-4% on average and increase conversion by 4-6% with each customer interaction.




Unfortunately, pricing information for integrating Fitanalytics is unavailable. Customers must contact Fitanalytics directly to receive a quote.


2. 3DLOOK offers a “YourFit” size-and-fit recommendation service that provides shoppers with personalised size and fit recommendations, as well as a visual representation of how a particular item of clothing will fit their body.  In addition to the “Yourfit” solution, the company provides a customised body measurement widget  “Mobile Tailor” that enables made-to-measure businesses to create custom-fitting clothing for their clients.

Key features

Method of measurement and sizing: 3D scanning technology.

Privacy: the technology is fully compliant with GDPR protection regulations, as well as SOC 2, SSL and end-to-end encryption.

Integration:  the solution can be integrated into e-commerce platforms and websites via customizable APIs.

Customer Experience: The user takes two photos of themselves using their smartphone or webcam. One photo should be taken from the front, and the other – from the side. When the photos are uploaded,  machine learning & 3D matching algorithms recreate the user’s 3D body model to extract a set of measurements including waist, hips, chest, and other key metrics. The technology then generates size and fit recommendations enabling shoppers to try the chosen pieces virtually.


Key Benefits & Results
The company claims to help fashion and e-commerce businesses to reduce returns by 3-6%, increase average order value by 20-25%, drive up conversion rates by 13-16% and prolong the session time by up to 4 times. 


Pricing is not directly available. Customers can request a demo and ask for a price quote on the 3DLOOK website.

3. Aistetic is a computer vision-based software solution that provides nest-gen 3D body measurements and f​​it recommendations to solve returns, lower conversion, and retention challenges for e-commerce clothing companies and their customers. 


Key features

Method of measurement and sizing: personalised video-based 3D body scanning technology. Frictionless size profile creation. 

Integration: It's a low code, plug and play solution. The software integrates into existing brands’ and retailers' websites using just one line of JavaScript code. Depending on the client’s request it is possible to integrate the tech via API or SDK.

Privacy: Fully GRDR compliant. Due to the sensitivity of the collected data, users are prompted to consent to terms and conditions before proceeding further. The received data is saved according to the company’s security & privacy policies. 


Customer Experience

When the shopper goes to a retailer’s website with a grey-labelled Aistetic’s solution, they will be prompted& then guided through the 10-sec scanning process from the front camera of their mobile phone. Upon completion, the AI algorithms generate a full body size profile with fit and size recommendations that can be used for repeated shops. 


Key benefits & results 

3D body measurement and modelling solutions such as Aistetic’s has been shown to provide significant benefits in reducing returns by 5% to 30% while increasing conversion rates by up to 200%. 




Aistetic offers a flexible pricing model for its customers and multiple subscription options, depending on your business goal. Pricing and sign up is here.  

To learn more about Aistetic’s benefits, please book a 1-on-1 meeting with one of our product specialists today.

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