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Interview Series l Episode #3

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Dr. Stephen Hicks


Restoring Vision with AI 


Duncan McKay


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Dr. Stephen Hicks 




How can you restore vision for the visually impaired?

That’s what my latest podcast guest, Stephen Hicks, has worked on for the last decade through his research and company OXSIGHT Limited. Stephen is a Futurist, who has worked at the intersection of neuroscience, AI, visual perception and augmented reality.

In this episode, we talk about the moments that spurred him on to start Oxsight, a spinout whose purpose is to transform the lives of people with visual impairment. We dive into the fundamentals of startups, the importance of market research before building, the fact that as a founder you have to be prepared to say no and that patience and perseverance are key.

It’s a show full of stories, learnings, and thought provoking insights on AI, computer vision and startups.


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