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Interview Series l Episode #6

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Philippe Pourhashemi

Editor at large at Fucking Young and Journalist at Contributior

Fashion Gets Real 


Duncan McKay


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Philippe Pourhashemi


“I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t care about you at all. “

Do these words from Coco Chanel still sum up the fashion industry?

In this new podcast episode, I interview Philippe Pourhashemi, Editor at large at Fucking Young and Journalist at Contributor. We dive into:

💥The importance of authenticity
💚 Is enough being done on sustainability, inclusivity in fashion?
🎤 Why are fashion commentators holding back criticism - what needs to happen to change this?
📺 How has reality TV affected fashion and its purpose?

This episode offers an inside take on the state of fashion, where it is heading and what should be done.


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