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Interview Series l Episode #5

Episode 5 Thumbnail.png

Arian Ghashgai

Earthling VC 

No Guts, No Glory 


Duncan McKay



Arian Ghashgai


What is your appetite to risk?


We dive straight into this important question in our most recent podcast with Arian Ghashghai, Founding & Managing Partner at Earthling VC.


⚡ Arian is an AI Engineer, investor and entrepreneur having worked at Meta, started his own company Rapify and most recently founding a VC firm, Earthling VC focused on AI preseed investments.

✅ In this episode, we cover Arian’s driving beliefs “No guts, no glory” and how this shaped his journey into computer science, AI, Facebook’s Reality Labs and now venture capital.


📈 This is an episode filled with insight, advice and learnings for tech entrepreneurs and engineers alike. We dive into the culture of Meta, how you should approach early investment and how learning from failing has proved to be an accelerator for Arian’s career.




Listen and watch:👇👇👇




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