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Interview Series l Episode #4

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Adam Pearce

Blend Commerce & Ecom Colab Club

Excelling in Ecommerce


Duncan McKay


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Adam Pearce




Why are we still so obsessed with acquisition in ecommerce? And how should you be thinking about your ecommerce marketing right now?

In this episode, I interview 🔥 Adam Pearce, Founder of Blend | Shopify Plus Agency & 🥞 eCom Collab Club™ (🔥) to answer these questions.

Adam is an ecommerce expert who has won numerous agency awards most recently winning UK CRO agency of the year and Global CRO agency of the year.

We cover how Adam founded his agency with his brother-in-law Peter Gardner, and has grown it to a team of 18 people. We dive into CVO - customer value optimization - and why you should focus on this metric. We talk through the key trends you should be jumping as an ecommerce business, our obsession with acquisition, the risks from ChatGPT, the importance of long term community, who’s killing it right now in ecomm and how you should be thinking about your business right now….and more!

This is an episode packed full of ecommerce insight and advice.





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