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Eight Considerations You Need To Remember When Choosing A Size And Fit Solution


Duncan McKay 


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AI-powered size & fit solutions apps offer a cutting-edge solution. From reducing returns to enhancing customer satisfaction and retention, these solutions can help take your online store to the next level. 

Every eCommerce business owner knows the importance of customer service. In this highly competitive sector, you want to ensure you offer your customers the best experience possible while reducing your returns and driving up your conversion. Not only will this help you stand out from the crowd, but it will also improve their impression of your brand and help keep them coming back again and again!


A size and fit solution app is a great way to give your customers a seamless shopping experience. However, with a huge choice of suppliers out there, how do you know which size and fit solution is right for you? In this latest blog, we wanted to explore some of the key factors you should look for when choosing a size and fit app.


What is a size and fit solution?

A size and fit app offers your customers recommended and informed sizing without having to physically try on clothing. The objective is to improve your customers’ experience, ensuring that they can confidently buy and keep their purchased clothing as it will fit them.  These 3rd party applications are often available as apps that can be added to and integrated into your ecommerce store as a grey-label solution in much the same way as reviews can be, for example. The advanced 3D modelling that we incorporate into our solution ensures that your customers will be able to enjoy highly accurate measurements and recommend sizing that’s right for them, almost as if they had a personal shopper right there with them.


Not only does this help to create a more personalised online experience, but it will also reduce those time-consuming and costly returns. Incorporating this technology into your brand will also help you to gain valuable insight and data into how customers interact with your store, giving you the confidence to adapt to their needs and maximise your profits.


What should you look for in a virtual size and fit solution?

There can be no denying the importance of a size and fit solution app, but how do you know the right option for your business? There are lots of areas to consider, which is why we have captured some of the key factors here:


1. Accuracy

When choosing a size and fit solution, you should first consider its accuracy. This is one of the most important aspects for your customers and will ensure that they are able to find the perfect clothes for their body shape. So check that they have a proven track record for delivering precise and reliable results. Here at Aistetic, we know how important accuracy is. That is why our solution is able to provide personalised and accurate sizing recommendations tailored to each customer. Using over ten billion data points and taking just five seconds to understand customers, we are proud that our measurement accuracy is 98%.

2. Scalable

You will also want to ensure that your size and fit recommendation app is able to scale and grow with your business. With experts currently predicting that the industry will be worth an incredible $62.4 billion globally by 2030, you have a fantastic opportunity to expand your business and profits, so make sure your app is not holding you back! Make sure that your chosen provider is able to cover your entire inventory, including multiple categories, styles and sizes. Our size and fit app can handle everything you need, from t-shirts and jeans to formal dresses! Not only that, but we can also manage thousands of transactions and tiered pricing, working with you as your sales volumes increase.


3. Integration

Another essential aspect to consider is the integration that your provider offers. You will want it to be a seamless fit into your current systems without the need for coding or hiring expensive developers. The right size and fit solution should provide as smooth an experience for yourself as it does for your customers. Here at Aistetic, we know your time is precious, and you don’t want to have to face a lengthy or confusing integration process. That is why we offer a no-code web app solution that can be installed to your Shopify store in just 60 seconds! We also provide a JavaScript solution to ensure it can be used across a broad spectrum of stores.


4. Customisation

Competition has never been higher for eCommerce businesses, and building your brand identity is crucial in helping you take your store to the next level. Make sure that your size and fit recommendation app aligns with your own unique sizing and fit preferences, as well as your colours and identity.Our Aistetic app is designed to meet all the nuances that make your business so special, and our widget offers customisable colours to further tailor it to you.


5. User Experience

You want to give your customers the very best experience from the moment they arrive on your site, so your size and fit recommendation has to support you in doing so. The app you choose should be intuitive and user-friendly for both your employees and customers alike.


We have purposely designed our Aistetic interface to be as simple and easy to use as possible. We have also fully optimised it for mobile devices, ensuring your customers always get the best experience possible, no matter where they’re shopping! Our frictionless profile creation means there is no sign-up or login required, while there is also a dashboard for your employees to track KPIs.

6. Data privacy and security

Keeping your customers’ data secure should be a priority, and your size and fit solution will need to adhere to strict privacy and security standards. Your app will need to have measurements in place that will guarantee compliance with all relevant data protection regulations. We know just how important it is to keep your data secure, which is why our app is fully GDPR compliant out of the box – you do not need to do anything!


7. Return on investment

Of course, while size and fit solutions can provide you with a range of benefits, you also want to ensure that yours gives a return on investment. Take your time to evaluate the various costs involved and how much money you could save via increased sales and fewer returns.


Our mission is to help you take your brand forward, which is why we target a 10X ROI, and you can get an idea of our pricing here.


8. Feedback and reviews

Alongside reviewing the provider’s own website, take your time to gather feedback from other users and retailers who have implemented that size and fit solution into their own store. This will give you insight into the experience that business owners similar to you had and how the app could benefit your store. We operate with a number of leading brands and retailers who will be happy to help you understand how our unique app works.


Ready to take your business to the next level?

A size and fit app is essential for any eCommerce store that wants to elevate its business, drive up its key ecommerce KPIs such as conversion, returns and retention, and maximise customer satisfaction. By considering these eight crucial points, you can find a size and fit solution that perfectly aligns with your current goals and supports your business in the future! 


As a market leader for size and fit recommendation tools, we utilise next-gen 3D modelling to ensure our clients can enjoy the highest level of accuracy possible. We work closely with all of our customers to help them increase conversions, lower their excess inventory, and reduce those pesky returns.


Ready to learn more about our size and fit recommendation tool? Download it on Shopify here, or book a demo session with our product team today, who will be happy to showcase it and help you to transform your eCommerce store!

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