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Get personalised size recommendations with our 3D measurement solution

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measurement accuracy*

Our solution has been evaluated across diverse shapes, sizes, gender and ethnicities comparing our measurements with that of a highly accurate hardware body scanner.

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Increase your conversion rate by up to 30%

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Reduce your return rate by up to 30%

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Our AI-algorithm learns from returns of other users with the same body measurements

*Aistetic evaluation dataset. 


The most accurate body measurements

  • 98% measurement accuracy when evaluated across genders, diverse shapes, sizes and ethnicities

  • Works at home with clear, easy to follow guidance


The best fitting size recommendations

  • Incorporates preference to get to the right size

  • Minimal data requirements: works with size chart, or clothing measurements or tech packs

  • Continual learning from return feedback

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The most seamless integration

  • Web app format

  • API & SDK integration

  • GDPR controller and processor



Body Images Scanned

State-of-the-art AI

Oxford University spinout

Measurement accuracy across genders, ages and ethnicities

Convenient and easy to use

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White Label (Company and color customisation)

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Convenient and easy
to use

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GDPR Compliant


Video scan

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Really impressive. Its simple
to use…I like the user navigation
- 10/10, would use again!

Just tried it out and got my designer to check certain measurements, it’s amazing how accurate it is!

Really pleased with the results,

a great first test and we’re looking forward to progressing.