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Next-gen 3D body avatars from mobile devices 

We're an Oxford University spinout providing accurate digital remote measurement, sizing and avatar creation from body scans. 

Aistetic B2B - 3D Body Modeling and Size Recommendations

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Grow your made-to-measure business 

Scalable remote measurement and fittings so you can ship anywhere without your customer having to step foot into your showroom. 

Reduce Returns

With accurate measurements
and sizing for your ready-to-wear ranges.


Compatibility & Integrations

Fully compatible with ecommerce platforms. Full Integration with Agencies. Our solution is designed to be compatible with any ecommerce platform, with simple low cost implementation.  

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Launch in Less than 60 seconds*

Easy integration with no code solution as a Shopify App, GDPR compliant out of the box.

* Ready-to-wear solution - Shopify app. 


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