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Benefits & Features

Start lowering your returns & driving up your conversion today. 

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Lowers returns
With accurate measurements
and sizing.


Drive up Conversion & Loyalty 
Quick Sizing and only 1 scan required for repeat shops. Profile creation with no sign up or login required.


Launch in Less than 60 seconds. 
Easy integration with no code solution, available on Shopify App Store for a fast installation, and GDPR compliant out of the box.

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Optimise NPD and lower inventory
Body modelling and analytics dashboard with accurate measurements of your customers to analyse and optimise operations.


2 in 1 - Quick Sizing & Complete Scan Size Profile 
Solution provides Quick Sizing recommendations and highly accurate Scan and complete Size Profile.  

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Personalised &  Accurate Size Recommendations

Adapted, accurate individual size recommendations with both Quick Sizing and Complete Profile options with scan. 

98% Measurement Accuracy

Works for anyone, at home or anywhere. Accurate across diverse shapes, sizes, gender and ethnicities.

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Quick Sizing 

With just gender of clothing, height, weight and age,  we offer quick (5 seconds) accurate sizing for customers short on time in just a few clicks. 

Our advanced AI-powered solution uses over 10 billion data points, assesses over 700,000 clothing websites, and has made +100,000 recommendations so far. 

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Complete Size Profile with Scan 

Creation of complete size profile with highly accurate scan providing measurements. 

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Frictionless Profile Creation

Only 1 scan required for repeat shops. Profile creation with no sign up or login required.

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Really impressive. It's simple to use… I like the user navigation - 10/10, would use again!


GDPR & Data Compliant

Clear consent obtained, data secured and controlled so you do not need to worry. 


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