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New IOS Beta
App Body Measurement

You can get your accurate body measurements
by simply taking a video of yourself. 

This beta app is only available through TestFlight
on the iPhone. Pick up your iPhone device, click
the download button here or use the QR code below.

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New IOS Beta App Body Measurement


FAQS Beta App

Why is the measurement shown in the app different from the measurement when I measure myself?

The measurement difference is often caused by different poses, and different paths on the body. From our analysis and experience, if a user measures him or herself it's often hard to follow a tailor's standard. i.e. when the user measures the chest, the measure path is often tilted or too tight. This can create differences in measurements of +-5cm (2 inches). Our reconstruction and measurements are validated on a human dataset scanned by a highly accurate 3D scanner. The dataset itself represents the U.K population across BMI, age, gender. We achieve 98% measurement accuracy on this dataset.

Why could the size recommendation be not what I expected?

At the moment, we recommend your size using the measurements from our app. We match your measurement with a UK size chart from a leading sportswear brand and your fit preference to give you a recommendation. This will likely be different to what you expect as sizing is brand and retailer specific. Our technology and system is designed to work with each retailer to enable specific recommendations for the online store you are shopping on.

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