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Blog #2 Hacking the Levi's Hackathon

How often have you tried on jeans that seemed to fit perfectly on hips but were...


Fashion X Tech Talks

Episode #1

Sonya Bachra-Byrne Co-Founder & Director of British Luxury Slow Fashion Womensw...

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Article #1 5 Steps to Tackle Your E-commerce Clothing Returns

E-commerce clothing returns are costly and irritating to merchants and customers.... 


Blog #1 Virtual try-on: shortcut

to a sustainable future?

With an increasing level of uncertainty due to rising global economic risks...


Fashion in recession:

increase your profitability through returns

In 2021, the average e-commerce return rate went up to almost 21%...


Article #2 3 Snap AR Alternatives for Virtual Fitting 

There are many alternatives to Snap AR and their lenses, that offer similar benefits...

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