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Affiliate Programme 

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Grow your Merchant Partners' Revenues & Reduce their Returns

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Earn 15% commission of any subscriptions sold 

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Access Exclusive Opportunities 

Referral Programme

Available to our current customers

Our referral program is now live and available to our current customers! 


Refer us a client and get the first month’s credit free for each client you refer us after they have successfully onboarded with Aistetic!

Chances are that you have seen fellow eCommerce companies struggle to provide size recommendations for their customers.

You can allow consumers to get their exact body measurements while enjoying up to £1,000 of Aistetic services.

How it works

You can refer a client to Aistetic by emailing us at

  • We will contact your referral

  • Your referral enters into an agreement with Aistetic

  • We reward up to 1 month of Aistetic credit or equivalent. 

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